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Truly the 'Velvet Fog' of Cape Breton Dinky is a master showman bringing Countryish and Middle Of The Road classics and his own Sterling Repertoire

For Listening or Dancing, (or just thinking of Home) Dinky is a Master Entertainer


This my new CD
We will be having some release parties
SYDNEY — Like fine wine, Cape Breton entertainer J.D. (Dinky) Cameron just keeps getting better with age.
After 42 years in the business, the Whitney Pier native is confident that “Our Time,” his new CD of 15 original songs, is the best thing he’s ever recorded.
This weekend, he will release the CD at three venues: Friday from 7-11 p.m. at the Sydney Steelworkers and Pensioners’ Club on Inglis Street; Saturday from 5-9 p.m. at the Army, Navy and Airforce Club in New Waterford; and Sunday from 4-8 p.m. at the Sandbar Lounge in Dominion.
Joe Waye Sr. and Johnnie AuCoin will accompany Cameron on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday night Waye and Brian Canavan will join Cameron.
“It’s an age thing,” explains Cameron when asked why he’s releasing the new CD on three separate nights in three separate locations. “I entertain a lot of seniors, and I do the Army, Navy and Airforce Club every Saturday and the Sandbar every Sunday. Many of the seniors that go to my shows at these venues don’t like to travel, so they wouldn’t get a chance to go to the release party if it was just at one venue.”
Cameron feels “Our Time” is the best of his three full-length albums. Recorded at Soundpark Studios in Sydney and produced by ECMA Award-winner Jamie Foulds, the CD’s 15 songs were all written by Cameron. Playing on the album are well-known Cape Breton musicians Joe Waye Sr. (lead guitar), Joe Waye Jr. (lead, rhythm and pedal steel guitar), (Red) Mike MacDonald (electric bass), Aaron Lewis (keyboards) and Ronnie Leadbeater (drums).
Cameron describes the music as “country-folk, with a touch of swing,” with most of the songs written over the past three or four years while others had played around at the back of his mind for considerably longer than that before being put to paper.
“We finished the album about a month ago,” said Cameron. “I feel it’s the best recording I’ve ever done, but it was hard to miss with the guys I had working with me on it. And Jamie (Foulds) took pretty good care of us. He handled the project pretty well.”
Cameron works as an entertainer six months of each year in Florida and six months in Cape Breton. He’s planning on hosting release parties for the new CD in Florida as well as Western Canada, where he spends a month every two years to keep in touch with family.
“Our Time” is available on Cameron’s website at http://www.jddinkycameron.com as well as at his live shows.

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  1. Great arrangement with awesome musicians and Dinky's timeless voice. A fitting, original song that portrays your love for your wife Donna and your craft at the same time....well done, and we know that this will not only become your signature song that most of your fans can and will identify with but will become your most requested song for any stage.......Joe & Jacquie